On Friday 26th of November 2021, our KTrans Directors Wade Jolly and Sam Keene were presented with the Worksafe Plan PLATINUM Certificate of Achievement at our KTrans state-of-the art facility in Kenwick.

The certificate was presented by Mr Ian Munns (Deputy Director General, Safety Regulation, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety). Platinum Certificates are for those organisations that achieve highest standards and in recognition of their outstanding management of safety and health in the workplace, and contribution to the reduction of work related injury and disease in Western Australia. Mr Munns further declared that it was in only exceptional circumstances that a Company reached Platinum Achievement, without first achieving Silver and Gold.

Mr Wade Jolly, our Managing Director thanked Mr Ian Munns and then the KTrans TEAM saying the following :

“The standards company’s must have to receive achievements such as this are very high, and as an indication of this there have been just 11 companies in WA across all industries to awarded this, with KTrans being the only Transport and Logistics company to achieve this wholly across their business in 2021.

As a team we achieved this certification by consistently aligning to the  KTrans five culture pillars of Discipline, Accountability, Loyalty, Honesty and Pride. This approach has allowed the award recognition, as we have received today achievable.

This doesn’t happen by only a portion of our team taking safety seriously, it takes every single one of us day in and day out determined to see – not just ourselves – but our team mates go home safely to their families.”