HMI Technologies Pty Ltd

When HMI Technologies was looking to expand its ANZ business of supplying large electronic Freeway signs into Perth, the need for a strong logistics partner was our first priority.

KTrans came highly recommended and from what was an initial 3-month relationship around the recently opened Kwinana Freeway Upgrade project, has blossomed into an ongoing relationship where KTrans now supply all our ongoing cartage, warehousing, and logistic support needs from the wharf to the client site.

KTrans has even provided workshop facilities for our East Coast based engineers and local client engineers to complete testing and localisation activities prior to installation. This evolution of our partnership has come about through a number of factors but primarily it has been through the ‘can do’ attitude from KTrans Operation Management where we have often had some demanding requirements but working collaboratively, we have always managed to find a way to meet our needs. When you are building a business remotely on the other side of the country you need people who you can trust and will go the extra mile when it is needed – KTrans did that. Another aspect we value is the ease of doing business.

We are not transport/logistics specialists but the processing of our shipments into Freemantle, the cartage around Perth – often requiring special trucks (some of our signs are over 8 metres long and 2 metres high), and making our product available to meet tight deadlines, were tasks often made to happen by a phone call or a prompt from KTrans staff who wanted to understand what we were planning to do next.  This is invaluable and we have been extremely pleased with the level of service we have received from KTrans.


John Hawkins


HMI Technologies PTY Ltd