We know that our people are the key to the company’s success. We have many great talents in our organisation who work with passion for our customers. It is our people that bring our strategy to life and make the difference in achieving our long-term goals. At KTrans, we have a strong teamwork and partnering culture based on 5 simple pillars of strength.

Our culture is built on: Discipline, loyalty, accountability, honesty and pride. Our Pride is your guarantee.


We strive to be consistent in the work we do to be sustainable by reinforcing, recognising and supporting positive behaviours now and for future developments.


We are in this business for the long haul, we have made long term objectives for years in advance with procedures in place to make continuous and regular improvement. We have company goals as personal goals, we give extra time, energy, commitment to the company when necessary and present a positive representation to the greater community.


Take ownership of your own health and safety within your control, work with colleagues to promote health and safety so it is part of everyday business. Contribute to providing quality information that enables the establishment of baseline compliance levels and the measurement of change in compliance over time.

Be accountable as individuals to enhance a culture of health and safety within the business. The purpose is to increase desired safety behaviours through a system of standards, measurement, evaluation and consequences, by following safety manuals and procedures, participating in training, wearing personal protective equipment and exercising a level of care and responsibility in your work.


We keep our promises. We take responsibility. We instil confidence in our employees, customers and other stakeholders. We are clear in all communications so that we generate assurance.


Pride in safety is pride in your work and is integrated and factored into every job we do. Safety is the right thing to do and a core value to our business. As a professional transport company planning for safety really is the most important thing we do each day, so it’s not about numbers, but a commitment to ensure everyone goes home each night. So, take that moment to correctly fill in the “paperwork”, cross the “Ts” dot the “Is” and have it all flow together to help our family business and yourselves.

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