KTrans owns and operates a fleet of prime movers and trailers that have been specifically designed to maximise performance on our linehaul, containerised wharf transport, specialised bulk waste transport, pipe & construction materials transport services.

With a replacement cycle under 5 years, all serviced in house by our dedicated workshop mechanical personnel, the reliability of our fleet and your peace of mind is guaranteed.

Many of KTrans assets have been purchased to take advantage of the Performance-Based Scheme, allowing maximum load weights to be transported due to the equipment acquired being of the latest technology, with additional safety systems fitted where possible to ensure we have industry-leading assets performing on our behalf.

Our fleet consists of:

  • Prime movers — GPS Tracked & In-cab tablet-based communications
  • PBS quad waste compaction road train combinations
  • PBS B double capable of HML
  • Flat top trailers
  • Drop deck trailers (ramps and without)
  • Extendible flattop & drop deck trailers
  • Self-powered folding gooseneck trailer
  • Low deck Precast Panel Transport trailers
  • Side loaders
  • Skel trailers
  • Quad floats
  • OTR Tyre carrier trailers
  • Road train rated equipment
  • 10 pallet medium rigid tray top
  • C class pickup and delivery light trucks
  • Vans & Utes for metro collections

Trailer Carried Telehandler.

Over time KTrans has developed not only its fleet of vehicles and trailing equipment but also its methods of loading/unloading to provide improvements in our safety system.

KTrans drivers have developed specialised equipment and processes to not only ensure their own safety but also the safety of the public and of the clients’ products and materials.

We are constantly reviewing the international market for improvements in our plant and machinery.

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