KTrans has recently celebrated its 21st birthday.

After commencing its journey as a linehaul supplier to the WA Mining industry, the company has diversified and expanded significantly over the past decade to cement our position as a logistics solution provider.

The business has been built through clear strategy and direction from the business leaders on a ‘where service matters’ philosophy and the consistent commitment of our team members to the company’s culture pillars.

These ensure that we maintain all the qualities of a true family business.

Now diversified and operating across many different industry sectors, the business strategy has been on being a niche provider in the logistics scope.

With an excess of 250 assets on the road at any one time, our focus has been on acquiring assets of the highest standards. Prime Movers and Trailing equipment purchased are industry leading, as can be seen in KTrans being awarded the 2019 Mack Truck of the Year.

KTrans commitment to continually improve can be seen not only in its assets but also in its Quality Systems (ISO), recent investment into our Head Office facility at Roe Highway Logistics Park and the ongoing development programs being rolled out to all its team members.

Give us the issue, we will give you the solution.

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